BOE releases Smart Cockpit display solution at SID 2019

These days, displays have become an important part of interaction between human and vehicle. At the SID 2019 show held in San Jose, California, BOE released its latest in-vehicle display solution: the Smart Cockpit. The Smart Cockpit let visitors experience what driving a car in the future will be like.

The Smart Cockpit display solution consists of 5 display modules. Among them a bended triple display which includes the control panel, navigationsystem, entertainmentsystem and electronic rear view mirror. It not only improves the high tech interactive experience between driver and vehicle, but also significantly improves road safety.

Bended triple display

Main feature of the Smart Cockpit is the bended triple display. It consists of three 12.3 inch flexible AMOLED displays and not of LCD displays. The three screens feature the control panel, navigation system and entertainmentsystem.

The integrated design, flowing curves and streamlined shape have an immense visual impact on the design of the car. It makes the vehicle feel atmospheric and meets demands for high performing graphics and fantastic design.

Unique OLED technology

The three center displays are made based on a unique OLED technology developed by BOE. This technology secures uniformity of the screens’ brightness. This combined with an extremely high contrast ratio of 100.000: 1, ultra high color range of 100% NTSC offers passengers a better driving experience and fantastic audiovisual entertainment.

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